Wednesday, 8 October 2014

4 Top Selling Used Car Brands in India

India not new to the concept of purchasing used cars. In fact, it is the best thing that has happened to the middle and upper-middle class Indian society and of course, the youth, of the country. And as far as exotic cars are concerned, it is even better. When a used exotic car is available at a fairly good price and gives you an unmatched driving experience, it is the best deal you can crack and you are proud of it. recently came out in an article where they discussed which luxury car brands were doing exceptionally well in the used-car sector. So let’s take a look at those hot favourite used exotic cars that are amazing the car lovers all over India:

Audi A4: This beautiful creation of Audi has turned heads in the Indian automobile market. An entry-level vehicle from the German marque, it has been successful in being one of the most profitable productions of Audi in the country. Thanks to its exquisite body style and stunning top-quality interiors. Audi cars also boast of featuring the best of the best car technology. Audi A4 is available in both petrol and diesel. In addition to this, it gives great mileage and offers the best driving conditions.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class: This German exotic marque has always been at the top when it comes to luxury car comfort. Quite interestingly, it is the first exotic brand to make way into India’s commercial automobile market. Besides a strong engine, Mercedes-Benz C-Class takes pride in being environment friendly and number one on the technology front. All the Mercedes cars give you great mileage and that makes driving a Merc even more economical.

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BMW 3 Series: The German trio Mercedes, Audi and BMW rule the luxury automobile industry. While the former two brands are all about making the driver feel like a king, BMW makes the driver as if he is driving on a race track. The fact that it gives a race-inspired performance is what has separated BMW from its fellow German brands. Its safe to say that a BMW induces an adrenaline rush into one driving it. BMW 3 Series, in specific, is known for its well-crafted looks and high-tech gadgets. In addition to this, it offers the best driving conditions and driving aid options.

Jaguar XF: After the Germans are the British who have proudly made a headway in the luxury automotive industry. If you drive a Jaguar, then its all about making a statement! Known for its curvaceous body style and high-tech interiors, Jaguar XF has definitely made the brand popular in the Indian market. In addition to its good looks, a Jaguar XF gives a race-inspired performance. Driving a Jaguar is a perfect blend of style and performance!

Although the Indian middle class still can’t think of rolling out a BMW or Jaguar on the road, driving an exotic car is becoming a serious obsession of the business class of India which is most welcomed by these high profile brands.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Used Car Checklist App In India

Buying a car in India has never been an easy task. And if a used car is in question, then every member of the family becomes a detective just to make sure that they are investing their hard-earned money in the right direction and on the right car. Believe it or not, selling used cars in India is serious business and forms an important part of the automotive industry.

Even though this system has been in existence for a very long time, it has grown to be a very profitable market in the last several years. Due to financial constraints, purchasing a used cars is the best option for the middle-class in India. But the good thing is that this market is huge and almost all authorised dealers are a part of it. But that is where the bad part lies. Unfortunately, not all authorised dealers are honest in their dealings, thereby duping the poor customers!

But don’t worry, there are a number of used car checklist applications that are easily available on the internet, on Google and Apple stores in particular. Obviously in the world of smartphones, people are more tech savvy than before and wouldn’t mind resorting to these apps where they can find unfiltered help to buy the perfect used car!

A used car checklist app will help people find good quality used cars. Although there is no particular name or developer for this app, it is available under different names and consists of a well-researched list of used cars in the country. In addition to the model of the car, the app also gives tips related to pre-owned cars and feature specifications of models in their database. 

Used Car Checklist App In India.jpg

The app relevant for Android phones will be easily available at the Google Play Store. To choose the most appropriate app, you can take help of reviews garnered by it. After downloading the app, the user can immediately start viewing the details of the car he is keen on buying like date of manufacture, insurance history, mileage, body colour, interiors, special gadgets, driving aids to name a few.

Not only this, the app will also keep locate the nearest authorised dealer and keep track of it. As far as the specifications and related information is concerned, it is easy to understand and is updated on a regular basis so that the customer makes the best use of the app.

On top it, the app also has information about the authorised dealers so as to make sure that the customers are not duped by them. The app also has a section where buyers drop in comments about their sellers. This gives potential buyers an overview about the people selling the used cars and the customer satisfaction they have got to offer. With such checklist apps in the market, all doubts are cleared of the customer so that he can confidently make a secure and reliable purchase. It gives him the upper hand in such an expensive transaction. Cool, isn’t it?

Exim Policy of India for Imported Vehicles

The Indian government is quite strict when it comes to importing vehicles which is why we have the Exim policy of India that puts heavy custom duty on automobiles. In addition to this, the policy also mentions that the vehicle should not be manufactured or even assembled in the country. The vehicle should not be sold, loaned or leased before being imported to the country.  
The vehicle should be registered for use in any country before it is imported to India. The Exim policy has different conditions for new and used cars. For instance, as far as new vehicles are concerned, they should be imported to India only from the country where they have been manufactured. The vehicles should also follow the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR), 1989.

So let’s check out the different conditions that the Indian government has laid down for both brand new and used cars.

Used Cars: Quite interestingly, the Indian government allows the entry of pre-owned vehicles only through the Mumbai port. Six categories of pre-used cars that have a cylinder capacity of up to 3000 cc can enter the country through the Mumbai customs port.

The Exim policy explicitly defines a used car. Any car that has been sold, loaned or leased before being imported to the country and is registered for use in any country after following the laws of the country before its importation into India is a pre-owned vehicle.

In addition to the definition, the Exim policy mentions what or what not is a used car subjected to. For instance, a pre-owned vehicle should not be older than three years from its date of production. It should have a right hand steering wheel and controls. This condition also applies on automobiles apart from two or three wheelers.

Exim Policy of India for Imported Vehicles.jpg

To meet the Indian road traffic, the vehicles should also have a speedometer that has a speed indicator of km/h and a photometry of headlamps that suits the Indian ‘keep left’ traffic.

Apart from this, the automobiles should follow the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 which states that the import of used vehicles is allowed only via Mumbai customs port. Not only this, a used vehicle should at least minimum worth on road for a period of 5 years after being imported to India.

New Vehicles: The Exim policy clearly puts forth the definition of a new vehicle as an automobile that hasn’t been manufactured or assembled in India and has not been sold, leased or loaned before being imported to India. It should also not have been registered for use in any country according the laws of the country before being imported to India.

The terms and conditions that a new vehicle is subjected to are more or less the same as that of a used vehicle. The vehicle should have speedometer indicating the speed in km/h. It should have a right hand steering wheel and controls and photometry of the headlamps required to tackle India’s ‘keep left’ traffic. The automobile should be imported from the country of its manufacture.

The new automobile should follow the rules and regulations laid down by Central Motors Vehicles Act, 1988 and it can enter India only via the customs port in Mumbai, Chennai and Calcutta.